Our clustered and automated validator monitoring systems guarantee unrivaled reliability and state-of-the-art security.

Let's optimize your cryptocurrency holdings for maximum returns. Strategic investment management can generate passive income to achieve your financial goals.

Staking Services

One of our missions is to provide reliable staking services for innovative projects with strong fundamentals


Fetch.ai is a blockchain platform that uses artificial intelligence to automate everyday tasks such as booking a parking space or airline ticket1. This open platform provides tools for creating innovative applications and services based on artificial intelligence.

Solana is a fast, secure and censorship-resistant blockchain that provides an open infrastructure for global adoption1. It implements a new high-performance, permissioned blockchain and is used for a variety of purposes including finance, NFT, payments and gaming. Solana operates as a single global state system and is open, interoperable and decentralized.

BabylonChain is a blockchain protocol built on the Cosmos SDK that utilizes the security of Bitcoin to strengthen the security of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chains. The project is being developed by a team of consensus protocol researchers from Stanford and experienced tier-one developers from around the world.


 0G, short for ZeroGravity, is a modular scaling infrastructure project that aims to revolutionize blockchain applications. By facilitating high-performance applications like on-chain AI, gaming, and decentralized finance, 0G addresses critical challenges in the blockchain space. 
 OG features:
1. Scalability with Security;  2. On-Chain AI and Web3; 3. Web3 Interoperability:

 Tanssi, an appchain infrastructure protocol, simplifies and enhances appchain deployment like never before. By connecting appchains to the Tanssi Network, they transform into ContainerChains, gaining access to a range of tools and resources.
 Tanssi features: 1. Infrastructure Simplification:
2. Robust Security: 3. Accessibility & Automation: 4. Interoperability & Cross-Chain Communication

Passive income:

Delegating coins allows you to earn passive income as you receive a portion of the reward for the blocks generated by the nodes to which you delegated your coins.

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